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The B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery Cookbook

A friend in Oxford asked me excitedly during my recent trip to the South if I’d heard of or owned the B.T.C. Old Fashioned Grocery Cookbook. I had a copy sitting on my desk way back in Nebraska and I … Continue reading

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The Real Pumpkin Pie

My second Thanksgiving story of the season tackles the age-old question: Is making a pie with a real pumpkin the same as making one with canned? Find out. If you read the story (and saw the above photos) you now … Continue reading

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Turkey: your suggestions

This year I will be cooking my first ever Thanksgiving turkey. I’ve decided to buy the bird lcoally, from Randy Wattermann, who raises free range birds on his farm in West Point, Neb. I wrote a whole story about Randy … Continue reading

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Isa’s Top Omaha Vegan Bites

So this is the amazing Tofu Stroganoff of dreams that I made with Isa Chandra Moskowitz. She was gracious enough to let me and a World-Herald photographer hang out with her in her Omaha kitchen and cook recipes from her … Continue reading

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A toddy for your thoughts

Last night I was in the mood for a hot toddy — I blame it on the cold weather, the pumpkin candle I was burning and the fact that I’d just read three posts on the Kitchn dedicated to toddy … Continue reading

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Fresh Direct (from Alaska)

Last month my father-in-law went on a fishing trip to Alaska with some friends and family. He fished daily on lakes, rivers and in the ocean for a few days and stayed in a cabin. It wasn’t until his photos … Continue reading

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Eating for a Half-Marathon

My husband and I are running the Lincoln Half Marathon this Sunday. This is our fourth one, so we know what to expect by this point. After the months of training and finishing two 12-mile runs, we’re as prepared as we … Continue reading

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Chicken Potato Curry

I wasn’t really planning to blog about the chicken curry I made for a work pot luck today, and that’s why I only have one, sad photo to share that doesn’t do this dish much justice at all. I know … Continue reading

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Making “the real” Kung Pao Chicken

Because its the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake — and I’m a snake year baby — I decided to dust off my wok and cook some Asian food. After our trip to China last year, I’ve … Continue reading

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I have a story in today’s paper about the power of superfoods and how long-term dietary changes are probably better for us than the “cleanses” that are so trendy right now. I did a cleanse last year and it was no fun … Continue reading

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