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World-Herald Pie Day

Today is “World-Herald Pie Day.” No it’s not related to 3.14. No, it’s not related to any national holiday. It’s pretty simple: the newsroom likes pies. So we eat them. See my co-workers down at the end there? That’s the … Continue reading

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My Vegetarian Favorites

So yesterday I posted a response to an article in the New York Times about how it was difficult to eat meatless in the Midwest. Today, I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and post a list … Continue reading

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Gift giving: for the cook

Gift guides have always been one of my favorite features on blogs, and when I’ve had blogs in the past, I’ve always managed to work one in somehow. This year, I’m doing three, beginning today with the most obvious category: … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving week: Leftovers and Links!

So in the wake of the food coma we’ll likely all be experiencing later today, I present you with a useful roundup of links to some creative ways to dispose of your leftovers. Also, some tips on how to store … Continue reading

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Chicken Adobo

My favorite cookbooks and food reading all come from the same place: Mark Bittman. I own at least four of his cookbooks and his iPad app. I loved his New York Times Minimalist column. Last night, I followed his directions to … Continue reading

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Video debut!

Click below to see a little interview with me about my new gig at the World-Herald, see my crusty food processor and learn about my love for Mark Bittman. http://p.castfire.com/D8aEY/video/752091/752091_2011-10-11-180231.1323.m4v

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