On Midwestern Food

202_Thie_Red Berry Molded Dessert_art_r2The first Jell-O salad I have ever wanted to eat, courtesy of Amy Thielen’s new book “The New Midwestern Table.”

It’s pretty exciting to see the food I’ve grown up with — the food many of us have — in the spotlight for a moment. And it’s even more exciting to see the young, talented chefs mentioned in my story playing with classics.

I loved chatting with Amy Thielen for my story in today’s paper about the resurgence of Midwestern cuisine. She’s as funny and down-to-earth as the excellent introduction in her book, available now, makes her seem. I can’t wait to try my hand at a number of the recipes in the book, including the three I share today in the paper: the above Jell-O salad, her take on the classic seven layer salad and, of course, a retooled Runza.


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