All Hallow’s Eve in the kitchen

Ribbet collageA few ideas before the day ends. Honestly Yum has been owning the spooky cocktail category. I mean, just look at the two above. Find the recipes for the Blackbeard and Halloween pumpkin punch over on their blog, one of my recent favorites.


Candy corn is one of my seasonal favorites — right up there with those crunchy Cadbury chocolate eggs come Easter. I got my hands on an advance copy of The Pioneer Woman’s, aka Ree Drummond’s, new seasonal cookbook and I think her Halloween popcorn balls look pretty awesome. And white chocolate candy corn cookies, well, let’s just say I wouldn’t turn one down.


Fall puts me in the mood for things like gnocchi and macaroni and cheese. I’ll be making both these dishes, pan-fried squash gnocchi with curry and roasted cauliflower and Isa Chandra Moskowitz’ roasted red pepper macaroni and cheese.

Happy Halloween!

All photos courtesy of the mentioned sites.

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