M’s 40th Birthday Party

I wrote a story for Sunday’s paper about the Old Market’s oldest restaurant celebrating 40 years in business. We went to M’s Pub Sunday night to take in the festivities. Owner Ron Samuelson said the party, which included a free buffet, was packed five minutes after the doors opened. It was still packed when we got there more than an hour later to eat some food and enjoy some drinks.

The restaurant’s original menus from 40 years ago decorated all the tables and the bar — by the end of the night every single one was taken home — and bartenders through the years manned the front of the restaurant. It was fun to see some familiar faces. Chef Bobby Mekiney made bite-sized versions of some of the menu favorites  including lamb burger meatballs and triangle-sized M’s original sandwiches.

We had a blast and saw lots of friends and Old Market familiar faces; I met at least two slime dogs. (Read my story if you don’t know what a slime dog is.) A success all around.

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