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I have a story in today’s paper about the power of superfoods and how long-term dietary changes are probably better for us than the “cleanses” that are so trendy right now. I did a cleanse last year and it was no fun … Continue reading

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Life lately

A few snaps from what I’ve been doing lately. Last Saturday I spent the day in Lincoln for what Matthew deemed “The Lincoln Day of Fun.” And it was fun. Top to bottom: A snap at one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Jenny Coco on steak

For Chef Jennifer Coco, owner of midtown Omaha’s J. Coco and a James Beard-nominated chef, steak has to be cooked just so. She told me again and again during the two month Food Prowl for steak, which kicked off a … Continue reading

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On food photos.

This is just a sampling of the photos of food I’ve taken in restaurants during the past year. I started thinking about how many times I take photos of whatever I’m served at a restaurant after I read this article from … Continue reading

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The columnist’s casserole

Matthew and I had been out and about six evenings last week. SIX. By the time Sunday rolled around, all I wanted to do was nothing. And that’s entirely what we did until 4 p.m. arrived and the brunch we’d … Continue reading

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Two resolutions

This plate of cookies fulfilled two of my food resolutions in one fell swoop: Using my mixer and giving baking a fair shot. Matthew and I were going to dinner last Thursday at our friends Scott and Sara’s house and normally, … Continue reading

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Review: J’s on Jackson

Like I said in my review last Friday, J’s on Jackson, the Old Market’s newest restaurant, does what it does and does it well. Like that Bleu Burger above, that thing was great. And the duck confit below, I liked … Continue reading

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Food Resolutions

I have been reading with lots of interest the recent posts on the Kitchn about food resolutions. The site asked its readers to send in what food, cooking and kitchen related stuff they resolved to change for 2013. Some of the … Continue reading

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M’s 40th Birthday Party

I wrote a story for Sunday’s paper about the Old Market’s oldest restaurant celebrating 40 years in business. We went to M’s Pub Sunday night to take in the festivities. Owner Ron Samuelson said the party, which included a free … Continue reading

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