Food Prowl: Chicken Tikka Korma

The first thing I learned on this month’s food prowl for Chicken Tikka Korma, a classic Indian dish, was that I really didn’t know what it was supposed to taste like.

I thought I did, and so did one other taster. I have to say now that I know, thanks to the two Indian men on our panel, I won’t be eating anything but the real deal from now on.

Chicken Tikka Korma isn’t supposed to be neon red. It’s supposed to be a mustardy brown. It’s not supposed to be made with tomato, instead, it’s got a base of yogurt and spices. We found the best one we tried at India Garden, tucked in an unassuming West Omaha strip mall.

It came out steaming hot, with a warm, yellow-hued sauce, plenty of spice and deliciously cooked hot rice. Visible bits of green jalapeno studded the dish, and tender chicken met thick, creamy sauce with plenty of heat.

The overwhelming savoriness of the sauce met the heat when we swallowed, and the chicken was moist, tender and deeply flavored with garam masala. But the heat pushed it over the edge, way beyond what we’d tried so far. The group definitely agreed on one thing: Omahans should experience this korma.

The variations on korma we tried were astounding. After the story came out, a few friends urged me to try the korma at Tanduri Fusion. I plan to check it out; look for a blog about it down the road.

Neon korma at the Jaipur

More bright red sauce at Mother India (One taster still held a place in his heart for this midtown spot; I’ve also always liked it. But I won’t get korma there again.)

The sauce was the right color at Paradise Biryani, but the sauce was sweeter than our tasters liked.

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