Review: Lied Lodge Timber Dining Room

Earlier this fall, Matthew and I took a day trip down to Nebraska City. (Read about what else we did.) I’d interviewed Lied Lodge Chef Matthew Taylor once before, for a story I wrote about TD Niche Pork, and I really wanted to try his cooking. And if you couldn’t tell by my review, I was impressed.

Top, trout with local peach sauce. Above, Plum Creek chicken with toasted quinoa and beet sauce with lemongrass oil.

I went back a second time, with a friend who knows a lot about food, to make sure I was right. She’s one of my toughest dining partners, and she loved it too.

The short form: It’s worth an hour’s drive from Omaha to check Taylor out. He’s got a smart philosophy when it comes to food, and he’s living it through what comes out of his kitchen.

TD Niche Pork with Cherries and Grains

 Pasta with tomatoes and broccoli grown on site

Bison with a house made tater tot

Wagyu beef with green beans and duck fat frites

An impressive spread of house made desserts

TD Niche Pork with house-made peach barbecue sauce, served with green beans and duck fat potato chips

Fried chicken with buttermilk mashed potatoes and green beans

Old Fashioned cocktail

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