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Food Prowl: Fried Chicken

You can’t even imagine how good the food inside this box is. And that’s why Time Out Chicken, on North 30th Street, is the winner of this month’s Food Prowl. It was the first place our team visited, and the … Continue reading

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Sunday Night Pot Luck: Julia Child edition

Earlier this summer, I volunteered to play host to a Julia Child-themed pot luck in celebration of what would have been her 100th birthday. Then I wrote a story about the experience for the World-Herald. Everyone in our regular pot … Continue reading

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Sunday night dinner

On Saturday, when it was so cool and gloomy and rainy, I developed a major craving for chili. Of course, by the time I had time to make the chili last night, the dish was totally inappropriate because the weather … Continue reading

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The Dundee Dozen (a.k.a. Night of the Food Gun, part two.)

The Night of the Food Gun wasn’t complete after two friends took on the Steallanator. If that wasn’t enough (which it wasn’t) four other friends — Matthew, whom you see above, Quentin, Erin and Ben — all signed up to … Continue reading

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The Stellanator Challenge (a.k.a. Night of the Food Gun, part one.)

Yes, those are two of my crazy friends, Johnny and Jessica, and in front of each of them, the Stellanator, which around these parts is famous for being nearly impossible to conquer. This summer, Johnny and Jess decided to, on … Continue reading

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End-of-summer adventures

Part of the reason for my unplanned blogging vacation was that the end of the summer has been busy — and a lot of fun. I decided to do a giant roundup of some of the stuff I’ve been up … Continue reading

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Vintage Cookbooks from my Grandma’s collection

Last week I dug through a box of cookbooks that my grandmother gave me and unearthed some real gems. I’ve written before about my love of vintage cookbooks, especially church cookbooks. I found a few of those. But I also … Continue reading

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